Trawler Blast Freezers

Our extensive track record in servicing the fishing industry extends beyond the shoreline, as demonstrated by our recent engagement in the renovation of two deep-sea trawlers in preparation for an expedition to fish in the waters of Panama.

Our role in the refurbishment project entailed the replacement of all insulated doors on the onboard blast freezers.

1.9 x 1.9 M Stainless Steel Freezer Door

The challenge of servicing these doors while at sea underscores the need for manufacturing robust doors utilizing top-quality materials. The incorporation of thick gauge stainless steel sheets, Meranti corner inserts, and angular stainless steel guide rails ensures that these doors can endure the humid and corrosive conditions aboard a fishing vessel.

The elevated angular guide rails of these doors prevent them from swinging with the ship’s rolling motion, and all bearings and fixtures are constructed from stainless steel to mitigate corrosion caused by exposure to saltwater.