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We manufacture insulated panels with the following core materials Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Polyisocyanurate (PIC) and Rockwool®.

Insulated Panels for Diverse Applications

Evercool’s range of insulated panels caters to an extensive array of residential and commercial uses. These applications encompass cold storage rooms, freezers, pharmaceutical and laboratory clean rooms,  wine cellars, insulated containers, trailers, roofs, containers for retail establishments and ATMs, as well as prefabricated structures, including educational institutions and retail outlets. Panels are available with expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, Rockwool® and phenolic foam (Polyphen®).

Exceptional Manufacturing Standards

Our insulated panels are meticulously manufactured adhering to the highest industry standards, utilizing premium raw materials available in the market. Our production processes align with rigorous local and international regulations.

The base of our panels consists of Pre-Painted Galvanized steel sheeting, formed through a roll-form machine that generates a distinctive tongue and groove joint. Subsequently, an industrial adhesive securely bonds a sheet of insulating material between two layers of
Pre-Painted Galvanized steel sheeting.

Flexibility in Design and Finishes

Our prefab buildings offer clients flexibility in plumbing and wiring installations, with options for concealed and surface-mounted configurations. Clients can select from an array of interior and exterior finishes, including materials like steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, PVC, wood, fibreglass, plastered, and painted gloss or matte.

Panel Specifications

A standard Pre-Painted Galvanized panel has a width of 1,190 mm and can be manufactured with lengths up to 15m. Panels are available in various materials, densities and thicknesses to accommodate diverse structural requirements.

Advantages of Insulated Panels

Utilising our insulated panels presents several advantages:

Construction time can be reduced by up to 30%.
Lower costs and minimized material wastage.
Versatile applications adaptable to any building design.
Superior thermal performance ensures even heating and reduces energy costs.
Optimal strength and insulation provide more available floor space with thinner wall widths.
Remarkable resistance to airborne sound.
Airtight structures prevent heat loss and the infiltration of moist air.
In conclusion, our insulated panels offer a sophisticated solution that combines structural integrity, energy efficiency, and design versatility.

Polystyrene Insulated Panels

Core Material Choice

Evercool panels predominantly feature polystyrene as their core material, selected for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional resistance to water absorption.

Grades for Different Applications

We offer two primary grades to cater to specific needs. Standard Density (SD) is commonly used in wall panels, while High Density (HD) excels in ceiling panels, providing enhanced strength and extended span capabilities. We also provide Flame Retardant (FR) polystyrene in both SD and HD grades.

Safety and Quality Commitment

We are dedicated to safety and quality. All our polystyrene materials undergo regular testing, adhering to EPSASA standards and incorporating a flame retardant additive. However, it’s essential to note that this does not make the panels non-combustible. Specific guidance should be sought for precise applications.

Technical Specifications

Evercool panels come with varying thickness and density options for the polystyrene core, depending on the intended use and temperature conditions. When selecting panel thickness, it’s vital to consider operational constraints. The structural performance of the panel is influenced by its thickness, and our provided table offers recommended usage guidelines.

Polystyrene Panel Properties

Thickness (mm) Thermal Conductivity (m2.K/W) Usage
25 0.66 Pre-fabricated partition walls and trailers
40 1.05
50 1.32
75 1.97 Cold Rooms
100 2.63
125 3.29
150 3.95 Freezer Rooms
200 5.26

Polyisocyanurate Insulated Panel (PIC)

PIR Core Construction

Evercool’s PIR core panels are skillfully manufactured using a continuous laminator, resulting in a flexible-faced PIR board.

CFC-Free Insulation

PIR, aside from its exceptional insulating properties, distinguishes itself as an eco-friendly choice, free from CFCs.

Fire-Resistant Properties

It’s crucial to understand that PIR is highly fire-resistant and behaves differently from traditional foams like polystyrene when exposed to flames.

PIR vs. Polystyrene

PIR is classified as a thermoset material, setting it apart from polystyrene, which is a thermoplastic.

Fire Response

In the event of a fire, PIR creates a carbonaceous layer that effectively retards further flame spread and penetration. However, it’s important to acknowledge that, being an organic compound, it will eventually burn.

Technical Specifications

The panel’s performance is influenced by its thickness. For your convenience, please refer to the table below for recommended usage limits.

Polyisocyanurate Panel Properties

Thickness (mm) Thermal Conductivity (m2.K/W) Usage
25 1.09 Pre-fabricated partition walls and trailers
40 1.74
50 2.17 Cold Rooms
75 3.26
100 4.35 Freezer Rooms
125 5.43
150 6.52
200 8.70

Rockwool® Insulated Panel

Rockwool® Excellence

  • Evercool’s Rockwool®, a premium resin-bonded slab, boasts a primarily vertical fiber structure, serving as an outstanding insulation core in sandwich panel systems.
  • These Rockwool® panels excel in both thermal and acoustic performance, making them a prime choice for enhanced comfort and noise reduction.

Enhanced Fire Safety

In the unfortunate event of a fire, Rockwool® remains robust, emitting no dense smoke, and demonstrating exceptional resilience withstanding temperatures exceeding 1000°C.

Advantages of Rockwool® Panels

  • Exceptional thermal & acoustic properties for superior comfort.
  • Outstanding fire safety features, providing peace of mind.
  • High compressive strength for structural integrity.
  • Dimensional stability ensures consistent performance.
  • Water-repellent properties to resist moisture.
  • Chemically inert, offering durability and longevity.
  • Fully recyclable, promoting sustainability.
  • Free from harmful CFC and HCFC chemicals, ensuring an eco-friendly choice.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

  • While the benefits are evident, it’s important to note that Rockwool® panels may have a higher initial cost.
  • Their fragility requires delicate handling during installation.
  • Excessive foot traffic can lead to delamination, so proper care is essential.
  • Importation of core materials may extend lead times by 10-12 weeks.
  • Installation may require mechanical equipment due to the substantial weight of the panels.

Rockwool® Panel Properties

Thickness (mm) Thermal Conductivity (m2.K/W) Usage
25 0.64 Used as insulation when fire safety is an important factor
40 1.03
50 1.28
75 1.92
100 2.56
125 3.21
150 3.85
200 5.13

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