Trust Evercool for the most reliable cold room or food-safe environment for your operations

We offer a versatile range of high-quality cold storage products including coldrooms, cold stores, refrigerated chillers and freezers, blast chillers and freezers, refrigeration systems, prep stations, shelving solutions, made-to-measure doors, and more.


Evercool offers a range of doors, from personal access to fire rated, hinged, lab, and sliding doors, each individually tailored to meet your requirements.


Evercool offers a variety of doors, including personal access, fire-rated, hinged, lab, and sliding doors, tailored to meet individual requirements.


Evercool doors are suitable for applications where hygiene, temperature control, and reliability are important, such as coldrooms, freezers, chillers, food processing areas, and food preparation areas.


Evercool doors feature different core options, including approved Polystyrene, Polyurethane, or mineral wool cores.

readily available

Evercool doors come with custom and proprietary door hardware, with all components in stock and readily available.

quality & price

Evercool doors are manufactured to meet specific requirements and ensure a quality product at a competitive price, even within critical deadlines.


Evercool doors can be supplied only or supplied and installed.

Related products

Other door-related products offered by Evercool include overhead panels, roller shutters, PVC/crash doors, strip curtains, track repair/replacement services, insulated strip curtains, kick plates, door closers, vision panels, door frames and hinges, and door handles.


Evercool coldrooms are made to measure therefore there are no restrictions to your design requirements.


Evercool coldrooms maintain foodstuffs at the correct temperatures for various items, ranging from +5°C for fruits and vegetables to -18/-25°C for frozen storage.


Evercool coldrooms are custom-made, allowing for optimization of available space without design restrictions.


The sectional manufacturing process of Evercool coldrooms allows for easy expansion as your business grows.


Evercool coldrooms are delivered flat-packed and can be assembled by trained technicians or supplied in a kit form.

fitted equipment

Evercool coldrooms are fitted without refrigeration equipment, allowing local refrigeration companies to install their preferred systems. However, Evercool can provide a complete turnkey project if desired.


The installation of Evercool coldrooms can incorporate freestanding shelving, mobile racking, wall rails, and ceiling rails, based on a detailed survey conducted before manufacturing.


Installation can be completed within a timeframe that suits your specific requirements.


Evercool specialises in the manufacturing of flashings for use in food processing industry and other temperature controlled environments.

internal & external

Evercool offers custom-made applications for both internal and external use.


Evercool specializes in coldroom flashings, which have a significant impact on the overall appearance.

attention to detail

Paying close attention to detail in the specification, manufacture, and fixing of flashings is crucial for a well-executed coldroom.


Flashings can be custom-made in materials such as Chromodek, galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel.

important to specify

For the fabrication of flashings, there are a number of things to remember. It is important to specify the following:
  • Girth (width)
  • Length
  • Quantity
  • Colour side to be identified
  • Thickness (e.g. 0.5 mm)
  • Safety edges
  • A sketch of flashing shape (profile) including dimensions, angles, colour-coated surfaces, and welts.
  • Sheets available are Chromodek, Galvanised, 5 Bar Aluminium, and Stainless.

Stores Items

• Rivets, Screws, Silicone.
• Door components
• Polyurethane 2 part adhesive
• Polyurethane 2 part foam
• Door gaskets and bolt covers
• Lengths Supplied:
• Widths 1220.
• Flat sheet metal 2450
• All cappings 2450 long


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